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New poetry-ish thing. [Aug. 24th, 2005|11:20 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |artistic, of course]

Hello! One of the mods, here.

Dead communities kinda suck. So I'm going to start a game-like poetry writing thing. Here's how it works: I'll start a poem by writing one line in this post. Then people add on another line or two either in comments or with a new post. Try not to be completely random, but feel free to put your own spin on the poem with the line that you add. Once you think the poem is finished, you can start another if you want.

The romantic moon crowns the sky,
And with it comes the icy chill of night.

I may not be a poet, but I know lots of people in this community are, so go ahead and add on!
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(no subject) [Jul. 23rd, 2005|07:30 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[music |Linger - the Cranberries]

hey people. I just joined this community cause it looked like I'd fit in. I play guitar, piano, and violin, I love to write, I draw and paint, I'm an actress, and I dance...in my room :)

Here's a little bit of an old rap poem I did. If anyone wants to hear all of it just tell me...

The rain falls to the sidewalk in a flurry of motion
We sweat in the chill and in the height of emotion
The bums drink liquor like a happiness potion
And the junkies take narcotics like it’s water in the ocean

And the darkened soulful eyes of the American dream
Come to rest on the children of our twisted regime
And the people underground cause a nightmare scream
When did evil come to such a diabolical extreme?

Society is beckoning, our will, will soon be bent
But surely this was not our founding fathers’ intent
They were fighters for a freedom that was heaven sent
And for them, this is a requiem and a last lament


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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2005|10:32 am]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |some stupid rap song the kid behind is playing]

hi everyone i just joined. my name is Rae, i'm 16 and i live on the Indiana side of the Greater Cincinnati area. i'm at school right now so i can't seem to post any of my work (it won't let me in photot bucket) so i'll post my intor pictures later today of this week. i paint, draw, sculpt, make lots of clothes and fake hair and anything else that strikes my fancy. this seem like a really neat community.


and i just realized i sound like a total nerd, sorry
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(no subject) [Mar. 25th, 2005|11:18 pm]
Artist's Lounge
.Irregular Poem.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2005|06:33 pm]
Artist's Lounge
New to the community, obviously.
My poems are the very definition of amatuer teenage angst. (^^;) So do feel free to criticize them.
.Turn the Kife.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2005|04:34 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |amusedamused]

Ok, everyone. This community was cool over the summer and all, but we need to sort of jump start it back. So, as a dancer/theater person/mod, I'll put in my two cents:

Godspell is tonight! For anyone in the community that also happens to live in Virginia Beach, Cox High School's spring musical Godspell is Thursday and Friday, March 17 and 18, at 7:00, and on Saturday, March 19, at 1:30. If you are in the area (as I know some of you are) come and see it!

Secondly, on a more personal note, I was asked to compete with my studio's ballroom team! That was really cool, especially because this is my first year with ballroom. The studio is scholarshipping me for the extra classes that I'll have to take, too, but I'm worried about it conflicting with my schedule for other dance stuff.

Anyway, that's all!
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New [Mar. 16th, 2005|02:42 pm]
Artist's Lounge

Hello! I started ballet when I was 2 and I quit a year ago for health reasons. I now mostly draw ballet dancers. I find the muscles beautiful. I work at a gym daycare. I'm a senior at a charter school in Austin, TX.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2004|07:50 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |artistic]

Growing up

we follow in their footsteps
the ones who came before
we act as if we're good enough
but never know for sure

as morning kills the shadows
of the night that came and went
we hope to fill the emtiness
after all that's why we're sent

facing every challenge
as if a seasoned pro
we pray that it's not obvious
but we don't know where to go

i walk in those footsteps
left here from before
i try to hide the fear inside
as i stumble on this floor
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2004|08:50 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |blahblah]

Heres some pictures of dance i randomly chose because i felt like it.

Read more...Collapse )
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hello! [Sep. 12th, 2004|04:49 pm]
Artist's Lounge

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |abbey road- beatles]

Hi everybody, I'm new to live journal, and this community, I'm a ballet dancer, at ballet "boarding school" I've just graduated from arts school and I'm missing all my other arts buddies, lol. well i was just saying hi everybody and hooray theatre and music and poetry and visual arts, they are exciting!!! It's dinner time so I'm gonna go now :-D keep on truckin
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