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Artist's Lounge

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This is a community for anyone who is into art. Welcome dancers, musicians, writers, artists, and thespians! Share your music, poetry and photos.

Things to know:
1. You may advertise websites for a band if you'd like.
2. Pictures that are considerably large or posts with multiple pictures should be placed behind lj cuts.
3. Fanfics can be posted only if they are behind a lj cut or there is a link to it.
4. Icons and pictures are allowed.
5. This is not a picture only community, but discussion shouldn't travel far from the topic.
6. Advertising of your own lj community is not allowed unless you ask permission first.
7. No hotlinking.
8. Articles pertaining to any appropriate things may be posted.
9. Nothing inappropriate, please.
10. Disobeying the rules is not tolerated.

Appropriate Topics:

It is not limited to these, nor to the interests. (The interests are just what we personally are in to.)

Thank you for joining!

If you have any questions you can contact the Mods, dancechic2188 or tmmrkntrvs